Available Positions

The Lakehead University Biotechnology PhD Program is continuously accepting applications from interested qualified students. Students are accepted into the program in January, May and September each year. As well as the positions listed below, prospective students are encouraged to review the list of Faculty Members and contact potential supervisors.

MSc and PhD positions available
Published on April 7, 2015
MSc and PhD positions available in Dr. Ingeborg Zehbe's lab, starting Fall 2015  
Dr.Ingeborg Zehbe is a scientist at the Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute (TBRRI) specializing in the study of virus-related cancers. Her interdisciplinary work focuses on human papillomavirus (HPV), including basic science projects on the pathogen-host relationship between this DNA virus and its human host. We are looking for MSc or PhD students for two projects: 1) to identify and study viral-to-human protein-binding partners and 2) to study viral evolution and viral variations. Students will be expected to work in a fast-paced research environment, with excellent analytical and communication skills. The ideal candidates will have an interest in both hands-on molecular techniques as well as bioinformatics.  
Contact Dr. Zehbe by e-mail at zehbei@tbh.net if you are interested with cover letter and CV.   Please visit our lab website at http://zehbelab.weebly.com/ for more information.  
Internship Position
Published on March, 10, 2014

PhD: Biotechnology, Biofuels and biorefing processes
Published on October 22, 2013
Dr. Sudip Rakshit
Biorefining and Bioenergy
Chemical Engineering Lakehead University
Tel: (807) 343-8415
Fax: (807) 343-8240
Email: sudip.rakshit@lakeheadu.ca

MSc: Environmental Engineering, Chemistry and Forestry Programs
PhD: Biotechnology, Chemistry and Forestry programs
PDF: Chemical Engineering/ Chemistry/Forestry/ Biotechnology

Published: January 31, 2013
There are few openings (available immediately) for PhD, MSc studies as well as Post-doctoral fellowship (PDF) in Chemistry and Material Science, Environmental Engineering, Forestry and Biotechnology programs to carry on research on forest biorefinery as well as colloid and surface science. Biomass Utilization Research Laboratory (BURL) of Lakehead University, an state-of-the-art research laboratory in biorefinery, has been established by Dr. Fatehi to carry on research on biomass utilization and biofuel production and colloid and surface science. There are three programs currently active at BURL: agro-based biorefinery, bioseparation processes and kraft lignin modification. These programs aim at developing industrially attractive processes for extracting lignocelluloses from spent liquors of various pulping processes, developing integrated agro-based biorefinery and producing value-added hemicellulose- and lignin-based products. Students with strong background in chemical reaction engineering, environmental engineering, waste water processing, biomass utilization, biorefinery, forestry and applied chemistry are encouraged to apply for these positions. Financial supports will be offered to qualified appointees. For more information on research activities, please visit the research page of this website. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply directly to Dr. Fatehi (pfatehi@lakeheadu.ca). However, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority. Only selected applicants will be notified to officially apply to the programs. Furthermore, visiting students/scholars willing to carry out research on various aspects of forest biorefinery or colloid and surface science under supervision of Dr. Fatehi are encouraged to contact Dr. Fatehi directly. There are currently 2 openings for visiting scholars in Dr. Fatehi's group.
Dr. Pedram Fatehi, Ph. D, P. Eng.
Lakehead University
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Web page for more info: http://www.pfatehi.lakeheadu.ca/

Post-Doctoral Fellow (Two Positions)

Published: October 19, 2012
Lakehead University has two post-doctoral fellow positions available immediately for studying physiological and pathophysiological effects of hydrogen sulfide (Nature. 459:500, 2009; Science. 322:587, 2008; EMBO J. 20:6008, 2001). Candidates must have excellent academic background and research record in either molecular biology, enzymatic chemistry, or drug design/chemical compound synthesis, and should be within three years of receiving their PhD degrees.
Interested applicants are invited to email their curriculum vitae, one-page statement of research interests and career goals, as well as the names and contact information for three references to:
Dr. Rui Wang
Lakehead University
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
We appreciate your interest; however, only those interviewed will be notified