Thesis Review and Graduation Forms

Information and links to forms for the final dissertation process for PhD students is available at Faculty of Graduate Studies webpage Final Dissertation Process.



1. Apply to Graduate in May/June or November
until January for May/June Graduation
until Mid-September for November Graduation

•    Apply online - Login to MyInfo on the Lakehead University

2. Propose  the External Examiner
•     Suggested by  supervisor
•     Submit Form, CV and Summary to Biotech Coordinator who will forward to FGS for approval
•     All communication with external is via FGS
•     Proposed External Examiner Form
•     Summary of their related work
•    CV

3. Internal Dissertation Draft Review by Supervisory Committee
The committee members will be given four weeks.

•     Summary of Advice to Student

4. Revision of the Dissertation Draft according to feedback from Supervisory Committee

5. Submit the final version of the Dissertation to the Biotechnology PhD Facilitator
    One copy for the chair, one copy for the External Examiner, and one copy for the Internal Examiners
•     Composition of the Defence Committee
•     Confirmation for External Review Form                    

6. The final Dissertation review
The Examiners will be given four weeks.

•     Examiner’s Report on Thesis/Dissertation

7. Oral Defense

•     Oral Defense – Decision on Dissertation

8. Submit Final Dissertation and Forms to the Office of Graduate Studies

•     Contact Biotech PhD or FGS for the details.

A description of the process and the related forms for the Faculty of Graduate Studies can also be found at: