PhD in Biotechnology

Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology (PhD)

The PhD in Biotechnology is a research-based, interdisciplinary graduate program focused on the professional development of scientists in two areas of specialization:
           1. Medical Biotechnology
             2. Environmental Biotechnology
      Graduates from the PhD in Biotechnology program find careers at universities, at research institutes or in the biotechnology industry. Opportunities for graduates from the program include research and employment incorporating biotechnology in areas such as environmental, molecular, biomedical, food and agricultural, bioinformatics, and forensic sciences. 

      Program Requirements

      Students are expected to complete the following program requirements:

      • Biotechnology Research Proposal and Seminar (BIOT6010)
      • One half-course selected from :
          - Topics in Environmental Biotechnology (BIOT6230)
        - Topics in Medical Biotechnology (BIOT6210)
      • Pass Comprehensive Examination
      • Prepare and successfully defend a PhD dissertation (BIOT6901)
       Completion Period

      Students are expected to complete all requirements within a minimum of nine terms (3 years), up to a maximum of twelve terms (4 years) of continuous full-time registration. Candidates must meet a minimum residency of three terms, two of which must be consecutive.

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