Funding Policies

The Biotechnology PhD requires that each student receive a minimum stipend of $19,000 per year for 3 years. This stipend can be financed by scholarships, graduate funding awards, GAs and faculty grant contributions.
Types of Funding
1. Graduate Assistantship (GA)
  • All domestic students will be offered a GA
  • International students may be offered a GA when funds are available
  • GAs may take on the form of a research assistantship (RA) or a teaching assistantship (TA)  where students will benefit from the opportunity to develop skills in marking, lecturing and preparing undergraduate labs.

2. Faculty Research Award (FRA) - funding provided by the student's supervisor
3. Faculty of Graduate Studies top-up equivalent to 20% of the FRA up to $2000
4. Science and Environmental Studies top-up equivalent to 50% of the FRA up to $2500
5. External funding sources - OGS, NSERC, etc.
More information can be found at  Graduate Funding