FedNor and Northern Ontario Heritage Fund

It is the objective of FedNor, with funding through Industry Canada, to “increase the overall competitive position of the North and to accelerate its movement to a knowledge-based economy” (http://fednor.ic.gc.ca/epic/internet/infednor-fednor.nsf/Intro). FedNor also promotes interaction and partnerships between scientific research and industrial development. In Thunder Bay, FedNor has already made significant investments in Biotechnology based research. For example, both Genesis Genomics and Molecular World have received start-up funding for their businesses. FedNor has supported the establishment of a microarray facility by Genesis Genomics and Lakehead University. FedNor has also made significant investments in advanced instrumentation at Lakehead University with the expectation that this will encourage and enhance collaboration between University researchers and industry. The Lakehead University Biotechnology Program will build on the existing infrastructure and enhance its use and impact through fostering direct links between University researchers and industry.

The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC), with funding from the Province of Ontario, has similar objectives as FedNor. The “Emerging Technologies Program” is of particular relevance to the Lakehead University Biotechnology Program as “Value-added Products” and “Biotechnology and Life Sciences Projects” are identified as emerging technology initiatives, eligible for significant financial support from the provincial government.